Anonymous asked: "What's chipotle? I feel like i'm missing out on something living in the UK"

It’s the most incredible, orgasmic food experience that you will ever have in a Mexican restaurant. My friends and I used to go there every day! It’s just so amazing. I know there’s one in London but that’s quite a journey for me.
England is missing out and I MISS IT SO MUCH.

I am actually considering taking some burritos home with me when I go to New York in September. 

Anonymous asked: "do u hate something?"

You want a list? It’s not as bad as Jade but I have a few pet peeves: 

Anonymous asked: "I really love your blogs. =)"

Thank you, chickpea! 


Anonymous asked: "sloth??"

I am RIDICULOUSLY lazy and you’ll find many witnesses to this…

Anonymous asked: "wrath"

Something that really makes me angry is disrespect. 
That and spitting on the ground - I can’t stand it!

Anonymous asked: "ENVY. though what could you be envious about. You can do everything!"

Not everything…I really wish I could draw like Linn, Kirsty and Yvonne.

Anonymous asked: "I love it when you do these things. Gluttony?"

PIZZA and Chipotle (which I can’t have because I live in England) 
If someone wants to ship some over, I’d be willing to give you half of my soul for it. 

Anonymous asked: "pride?"

Err…something that I like about myself? I’m gonna have to go for the weirdest answer and say my wrists. I really like how slender my wrists are, it’s always been my favorite part of my body.